With winter coming , emu will be ready for their mating season, that mean EMU EGGS will be ready soon, if you want to raise you own emu baby from eggs you still have litter time to get ready , or if you simple just want want eggs for food or keep the shell for decor or for art work , there are beautiful to enjoy and display.
I am ask $250 each on female and male is $300, do you know male is the one sit on egg and hatch the eggs and take care the baby? If you raise baby emu chick from start and mess with them, they can be so tame, you can huge them, touch their head, kiss them. they love it. they will even walk with you and stand by you, how cool is that ???
All right now the egg each is $10, buy 8 get 1 free, hurry up and call to reserve your share and amount of eggs that you like while they still fresh and available. keep you mind their only laid egg in winter possible from Nov - Feb, every 3-4 days it is very. so eggs are limited as they come. what a great gift idea, holiday is coming, what are you waiting for, call now !!!
The sales is cash only, if you have question and inquire, please call 602 399 or text , NO email please, it is by appointment only, thank you for viewing.