Our goats here at STERLING STABLES are very dairy and produce very colorful kids and have some of the best lines in the country. We have pinto, black, white,buckskin, chamiosee MOONSPOTS you name it!
We have Bucks,Does and Wethers
$175-$325 we can do a 4h/FFA discount too. I have babies born on April 2nd! ( Can be bottle fed too)
I do have a Stunnning Nubian buckling now up for sale. (Dad has supreme genetics, and took Supreme Grand Champion all around)
Arizona,California,Utah and New Mexico
About the size of a pygmy
We will have a Mini Nubian, Nigerian, Mini LaMancha's!!!! IF you like Nubians, you will love the Mini Nubians. They eat half the food and produce 2/3 the milk. They are great for a family milker.
OUR bucks took Grand champion and reserve and champion in class and supreme reserve Grand champion!!!!!