My husband & I are needing to re-home our orange winged amazon named Ziggy- we believe he is about 7 years old.
Ziggy loves his fruits/vegetables and especially his peanuts. He knows some words (love you, what). He had his wings clipped and nails trimmed recently.
Due to work schedules we're unable to dedicate as much time as we'd like to keep him happy and healthy. We rescued him 6 months ago. He was plucking then and has stopped, you can see where his feathers are growing back in :)
With our new schedules we're afraid he'll begin plucking again without someone who can dedicate the time he needs.
We're looking to find someone who can spend time with him, and give him the love and attention he needs! We're in no rush to re-home him, so will wait until we find the perfect fit.
He will come with his cage, (Macaw size), toys and bag of food, and peanuts.